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Make & share your own RPG

Want to make your own RPG? This is the ideal place to start! Finish your first game in a weekend, and instantly share it with everyone. It's that simple!

Some call it the "Super Mario Maker for RPG's".

1. Make

There are 2 steps to make your own Role Playing Game:

  1. Click stuff
  2. Press "play"

Graphics, sounds, music and game features are all included.

2. Play

Play unlimited RPG’s from people around the world. Check out the Top Games to see what people are able to make.

3. Share

Our community members are waiting to play your game, you just have to press the "share" button. You can even release an unfinished game, to get early feedback from players.

Games are cross-shared between and other supported platforms.


  1. Make your own fast paced action RPG, like The Legend of Zelda, The Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, …
  2. Create your world by dragging items and characters
  3. Bring your story to life without programming
  4. Configure the artificial intelligence of enemies and allies
  5. Finish your first small game in a weekend, and instantly share it
  6. Seamlessly switch between make and play modes
  7. Play an unlimited supply of user created games
  8. Web based, so log into any computer or Chromebook, and continue creating.


RPG Playground is made by me, deWiTTERS. I want to provide you with the easiest platform to make your own games, and share it with others.

Our community plays a big part in this project, so I'm open for suggestions and feedback. RPG Playground has an open roadmap, where you can vote on your favorite features, or suggest new ones. 

Most of us hang out on Discord or in the official forum, and you can of course leave a comment below :).

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